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‘Power Book II: Ghost’ star Larenz Tate says Councilman Tate “will stop at nothing” to achieve his political goals

Written by on March 16, 2023

Courtesy Starz

Larenz Tate reprises his role as Councilman Rashad Tate in season 3 of Power Book II: Ghost. His character had blackmailed congressman Rick Sweeney into stepping down, and now he’s gunning for the vacant seat.

“There’s different ways that he feels that he can position himself to climb the political ladder and that congressional seat is really important to him as his eyes are becoming more and more wider to where he could possibly go,” Larenz tells ABC Audio of his character. He adds Rashad will “stop at nothing” to accomplish his goal, which is to “have as much power as he possibly can.”

Rashad made his debut in season 4 of Power, where he worked closely with James St. Patrick. Working with James’ son, Tariq, Larenz says his character notices their striking similarities.

“The reincarnation of James St. Patrick is staring him in the face, but [Tariq’s] sharp and he’s young, and he also is incredibly ambitious and finds way to get things done,” he says.

“He’s certainly seeing the evolution of Tariq. That evolution reminds him of James St. Patrick in a real way, but the real question is, is he gonna continue to play it the same way he played it with James St. Patrick?” Larenz teases.

Larenz has portrayed several characters during his career, including Darius Lovehall in the cult-classic Love Jones, which turned 26 Tuesday. When asked if he’s more like Darius or Rashad, he chooses the former.

“I certainly like to believe that I have a sweet side to me, a nice side to me like Darius Lovehall,” Larenz says. “He’s a bit of a hopeless romantic and sometimes I fall in that space, as well.”

Season 3 premieres Friday on Starz.

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