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Facebook parent Meta appears to be more concerned with avoiding “provoking” VIPs than balancing tricky questions of free speech and safety, its oversight board said. Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images Facebook parent Meta appears to be more concerned with avoiding “provoking” VIPs than balancing tricky questions […]

Despite getting ahead during the pandemic, approximately 46% of Americans now carry credit card debt, owing an average of $6,093. As the cost of basic goods and services continues to rise, more people are being forced to use credit cards just to get by. And a looming recession promises to make it worse. Today’s interest […]

What landlord tax do I need to pay? While you might not think that landlords count as being self-employed, as you’re receiving income that doesn’t get taxed at source (through PAYE), you need to fill in and submit a Self Assessment tax return to HMRC. There are a few different types of landlord tax to […]

It is no secret that US airline loyalty programs drive the bulk of their profits from co-brand credit card relationships. When those partnerships drive a removal of traditional program benefits, however, it becomes nearly impossible to argue that airline or travel loyalty is the prime motivation for the program. And with Delta Air Lines‘ latest […]

Danielle Zanzalari, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Economics and Legal Studies at the Stillman School of Business  is a respected media commentator and go-to source for reporters covering New Jersey policy issues relating to the local economy as well as the impact of regulations on the banking sector. Recent issues she has addressed […]

The Tigers will be heavy favorites against 4-7 Texas A&M on Saturday. Despite the game being in College Station, the Aggies are the only team in the SEC to clinch a losing season and ended a six-game skid with an uninspiring win over UMass last week. It’s not surprising that the oddsmakers like LSU in […]

The claim: U.S. dollars from before 2021 won’t be valid after January 2023  In another iteration of social media claims about American currency, people are posting warnings online about a supposed major change to the U.S. dollar in 2023.  “US Dollar Notes Below Year 2021 Will Not Be Acceptable From January 2023 – US Government – something is […]

Widely Viewed Content Report, Third Quarter 2022 – Correct Success Today, we’re publishing the Widely Viewed Content Report (WVCR) for the third quarter of 2022. This report was created to both provide more transparency about the most-viewed organic content in Feed on Facebook in the US and to hold ourselves accountable to improve the quality […]

Meta announced on Thursday that it’s giving everyone in the US the ability to share “digital collectibles” (read: NFTs under a new name that social media execs think is more appealing) on Facebook and Instagram. Sharing on the latter platform is also available in over 100 other countries. The feature, which was limited to select […]

When I first heard that Elon Musk had determined the identity of his successor, I breathed a sigh of relief. I figured Musk was finally ending his obsession with Twitter (TWTR) , and getting back to the business of running Tesla (TSLA) . Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Musk’s successor will run Tesla, not Twitter. […]