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(SAN FRANCISCO) — The man convicted of breaking into former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home and attacking her husband Paul Pelosi with a hammer has been sentenced to 30 years in federal prison. The Pelosis’ daughter, Christine Pelosi, appeared in court Friday and read victim impact statements from the family, according to San Francisco ABC […]

(NEW YORK) — The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday called on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to recuse himself from cases related to the 2020 election after a photo of an upside-down American flag flying at his home in January 2021 was published in The New York Times. Sen. Dick Durbin, an […]

(NEW YORK) — Dr. Sharon Malone, a board-certified OB/GYN, is on a mission to help women understand the importance of critical thinking when it comes to health products. She advises readers to scrutinize everything they consume, even items marketed as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, as she says these terms can often be misleading marketing ploys. Malone […]

(NEW YORK) — In the Mississippi Delta, farms, wildlife refuges and churches dot the landscape alongside the Magnolia State’s country highways. In some ways, the region looks on the surface in 2024 as it did in 1954. Yet a quick drive reveals that even though the area’s population has long been on the decline, something […]

(NEW YORK) — Krystal Kauffman, a gig worker, spent one workday watching footage captured by a camera that had been placed on a baby’s head, labeling objects as they came into view, she said. For another job, she said she looked at images of feet, while on another, she marked aerial photographs of animals. Over […]

(WASHINGTON) — An Environmental Protection Agency whistleblower told ABC News the United States EPA wasted critical time gathering data in the days immediately following the catastrophic derailment of a Norfolk Southern train in East Palestine, Ohio, last year. Senior research scientist Robert Kroutil alleged the EPA delayed days in deploying one of its most effective […]

ABC News (HOUSTON) — At least four people have died Thursday after an “exceptionally” strong storm hit Texas, according to Houston Mayor John Whitmire. Preliminary investigations indicate falling trees caused two deaths and a fallen crane caused one, according to Houston Police Chief Samuel Pena. Urging Houston, Texas, residents to stay home, Whitmire said the […]

In this screen grab from police body cam footage released by the San Francisco Police Department, Paul Pelosi, the husband of Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi, is shown with his assailant, David DePape, at the Pelosi home, in San Francisco, Oct 28, 2022. — San Francisco Police Dept (SAN FRANCISCO) — The man convicted of breaking […]

(NEW YORK) — Authorities in Florida said they have seized a boat believed to be connected to a hit-and-run that killed a teenager wakeboarding in the Miami area over the weekend. Ella Adler, 15, was struck by a boat while wakeboarding near Nixon Beach in Key Biscayne Saturday afternoon, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation […]

PBNJ Productions/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Three people are dead after a small plane crashed in Tennessee on Wednesday, authorities said. A 911 caller reported an explosion around noon Wednesday in Williamson County that was believed to have been a possible plane crash, authorities said. The National Transportation Safety Board said a Beech V35 aircraft […]