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WATCH: 2024 NFL schedule release videos for all 32 teams include celebrities, spoofs, shots at opponents

Written by on May 16, 2024

NFL schedule release day has become something of an offseason holiday, and all the social media teams put their best foot forward with the accompanying release videos. They keep getting more creative each year, and there were more memorable ones in 2024.

One of the highlights was the Los Angeles Chargers, who went into The Sims universe for their schedule release. They made sure to torch each one of their opponents, but especially their divisional rivals. The most notable jab was directed at Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, whose recent commencement speech comments got a lot of attention on social media.

What did the teams have in store for us this year? Here’s every team’s video, in alphabetical order.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals went outside the box and got local artists to paint a mural revealing their 2024 schedule. It may not go as viral as some of the other videos, but it was a really cool idea.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons chose to throw it back to the NFL Street video game series, and as someone who burnt out those discs on his PS2, I very much enjoyed this one. Atlanta even brought back Michael Vick and Deion Sanders for the schedule release while taking some creative shots at its opponents. They don’t get too much better than this.

Baltimore Ravens

What started out as a bit on social media by comedian Stavros Halkias has turned into a legitimate role for Ronnie the Raven, who has now been tasked with revealing the team’s schedule. It’s a little chaotic, but that’s what you expect when Ronnie is running around with the company card.

Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen has a rocket arm, but did you also know that he had some decent acting chops? In a video reminiscent of Andy Dwyer taking up residence in The Pit in “Parks and Recreation,” Allen is already making the Bills’ new stadium his home. Get Allen a role in the next great sitcom.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers tried their hand at painting for this one, and I feel quite confident that none of them should hang up the cleats in favor of picking up a brush. Credit to Shy Tuttle for making no attempt to paint Derrick Brown and trying to roast him instead.

Chicago Bears

D.J. Moore channels his inner Ferris Bueller and gives folks a tour of the school — and the Bears’ 2024 schedule — which includes a cameo from Yung Gravy. As is mandatory for comic book movies nowadays, it includes a mid-credits scene to tease the next great heroes.

Cincinnati Bengals

Halftime entertainment doesn’t get much funnier than mascots schooling young children in football, and the Bengals capture that in their schedule release. That said, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a child take a guitar to the face from a mascot before.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns’ schedule release video only gets stronger as it goes on. Not only is it worth sticking around for the Lamar Jackson gag, but there is also a cameo from a viral bowling legend.

Dallas Cowboys

Post Malone. Eli Manning. Michael Vick. Calvin Johnson. Shane Gillis. Sam Morril. This is perhaps the most star-studded schedule release video ever filmed. The Cowboys do know how to put on a show, even in May.

Denver Broncos

“There’s no way that they’re eating carrots down there.” Lewis Hamilton insults the cuisine of Indiana and the entire southeastern United States while revealing the Broncos’ 2024 schedule. That should be all the encouragement you need to watch.

Detroit Lions

Detroit essentially outsourced its schedule release video to the “I Think You Should Leave” duo of Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson, and it was a stroke of genius. This is one of the funnier reveals with Robinson and Richardson doing riffing back and forth the entire time.

Green Bay Packers

From WWE stars to Bachelor contestants, the Packers had an eclectic group of guest stars assisting them with their schedule release. Green Bay also leaned heavily on former players and got media that covers the team involved too.

Houston Texans

If you’ve ever spent an embarrassing amount of time watching hydraulic press videos on social media, then this is the schedule reveal for you. This one does get some points off for a lack of originality, and you’ll see why later.

Indianapolis Colts

Had to do a little social media sleuthing to get the joke behind this one, but the Colts are spoofing a very funny graduation ceremony that recently went viral. Fair warning: It will come with an uncomfortable amount of cringe.

Jacksonville Jaguars

In the sake of full disclosure, I just watched the season finale of X-Men ’97 this morning, so it probably goes without saying that I love this one. Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia will get me every time, and the production value on this one is top notch.

Kansas City Chiefs

We have another hydraulic press video here, so it’s not exactly unique, but I’m going to watch these every time. I will say, Kansas City’s video does have some very satisfying explosions going for it.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders went with more of a hype video, zigging when everyone else is zagging. Raiders fans will love it, especially the appearance from new head coach Antonio Pierce, but this won’t move the needle for other fan bases.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are quite good at this, and they have knocked it out of the park again this year. This Sims-themed release video features some hilarious shots at their rivals, including the aforementioned Butker gag. It’s probably no coincidence that his Sims character just happened to be in the kitchen.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams chose to go with a Grand Theft Auto theme for their video, and now all I can think about is how much longer I have to wait for GTA VI to release. Thanks a lot, Rams social media team.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are known for their team speed, and they applied that to their schedule release video. Considering most of these videos now go beyond three minutes, I can appreciate the restraint and brevity shown by Miami.

Minnesota Vikings

T.J. Hockenson does his best Tim Cook impression for this video, as the Vikings spoof an Apple presentation of the iPhone (insert number here). I know it’s a bit, but the schedule does look pretty sleek. I might even pay $1,400 for that.

New England Patriots

The Pats leaned into their New England branding with a “Good Will Hunting” parody. While Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski get the leading roles in this trailer, Ernie Adams really steals the show.

New Orleans Saints

I, for one, would love for the Saints to turn control of their social media accounts over to Shannon Sharpe. Let him and Katt Williams cook up some ideas for the upcoming season. 

New York Giants

The people of New York have spoken, and they do not care about schedule release videos. The Giants, at the risk of bringing their fans joy, listened and put out a simple graphic when the time came to unveil the 2024 schedule.

New York Jets

The Jets went with a promotion for their schedule release, which was a choice. Can you blame a Jets fan for dumping a bucket of Gatorade on his head to get as far away from the team as possible?

Philadelphia Eagles

Asking Eagles fans for their honest thoughts on the team’s opponents was a risky move, but the team rolled the dice anyway. The editing team may have had their work cut out for them on this one, so shoutout to the employees who had to cut this one together.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Watching terrified Steelers recite dad jokes to an unamused James Harrison was quite amusing to me personally. I’m not sure seeing the schedule a little early was worth the risk of getting snapped in half, though.

San Francisco 49ers

Nick Bosa was supposed to unveil the 49ers’ 2024 schedule, but he chose to take the day off instead. That’s why the duties fell to Steph Sanchez, who did her best to fill Bosa’s shoes, and his spot in the gym.

Seattle Seahawks

As if Chris Pratt didn’t have enough roles on his plate, he now plays the role of talking sunglasses in the Seahawks’ schedule release video. This guy really is everywhere these days.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rachaad White and Luke Goedeke may not be artists, but they gave valiant efforts for this one. Did White’s version of the Superdome look like a snow globe with the snow on the outside? Sure, but he gets an A for effort and an A+ for attitude.

Tennessee Titans

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That is good advice, and the Titans followed it by running back their 2023 schedule release video for 2024. The team got one of the stars from last year’s video to ask well-lubricated folks on Broadway to identify the team’s 2024 opponents, and it went as you might expect.

Washington Commanders

The Commanders played a little game of “Is It Cake?” with their 2024 opponents, and all I could think about was how much of that leftover cake Major Tuddy ate once filming was complete. 

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