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Cowboys’ Dak Prescott won’t be charged by Dallas police for alleged 2017 sexual assault; judge dismisses case

Written by on June 27, 2024

Months after Dallas police announced they will not move forward with the charges, a Collin County judge cleared Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott of all civil claims against him regarding the sexual assault allegations, per ABC. Prescott was accused of sexual assault in 2017 and the woman who accused him was asking for $100 million in exchange for her not going to police.

In June, Judge Angela Tucker dismissed the claims from the accuser. A hearing is scheduled for September to determine if legal action against the accuser is needed.

“The original lies by [the accuser], her team, and their recent failed attempt to sue him civilly are all just a continuation of their extortion plot against Dak,” Precott’s attorney, Levi G. McCathern, said in a statement. “These ploys distract from the trauma of legitimate sexual assault survivors and undermine the progress that our society has made in supporting them.” 

In March, the accuser filed a report with the Dallas Police Department leading Prescott to file a civil lawsuit and criminal report against the accuser. The next month, the accuser’s attorney dropped the Dallas County suit and filed one of similar nature in Collin County.

His alleged accuser moved the case to Collin County “for purposes of convenience” because Collin County is where Prescott filed his own suit, attorney Yoel Zehaie said, according to WFAA

Dallas police looked into the sexual assault allegations brought against Prescott and concluded they would not move forward with charges citing insufficient evidence an offense was committed, per ESPN.

“I want to thank the Dallas Police Department and Dallas County District Attorneys’ office for their thorough investigation of the allegations against Dak Prescott,” Levi McCarthern, Prescott’s attorney, said in a statement in April, via ESPN. “As we knew they would, they found nothing in their extensive exploration of the facts that would support a criminal prosecution. We are confident that at the end of law enforcement’s investigation into the extortion case that they will find the accuser and her attorneys just as guilty as Dak is innocent.

“As I have said from the beginning, Dak is a great football player and an even better human. He would never assault any woman. These false accusations were brought up seven years after the alleged events for one reason and one reason only — to line the pockets of the accuser and her attorneys. Their behavior is an affront to all the true survivors of sexual assault.”

“Mr. Prescott — a new father to a baby girl — has great empathy for survivors of sexual assault,” McCarthern said in a statement to the Dallas Morning News at the time. “He fervently believes that all perpetrators of such crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. To be clear, Mr. Prescott has never engaged in any nonconsensual, sexual conduct with anyone. Lies hurt. Especially, malicious lies. We will not allow the Defendant and her legal team to profit from this attempt to extort millions from Mr. Prescott.”  

Prescott’s lawsuit, which he filed back in March, sought monetary relief of over $1 million after receiving a letter back in January from his accuser’s attorney saying that she “forego pursuing criminal charges, along with disclosing this information to the public, in exchange for compensating her for the mental anguish she has suffered. [The woman’s] damages are valued at the sum of $100,000,000.00.”

Zahaie also said that reports indicating that his client had dropped the suit entirely were “misleading.” The accuser’s motion for a “non-suit without prejudice” allows her to refile the case in Dallas County at a later date if she wants to. Prescott’s alleged accuser’s suit and his suit alleging extortion are going head to head in civil court in Collin County. 

I know the truth, I’m confident in what we filed, very confident in what we filed,” Prescott said in Dallas back in April. “I know some things have changed in their sense and where they filed, but that doesn’t have any weighing what we’re doing and how we’re going about our lawsuit.”

Prescott, who is entering the final season of a four-year, $160 million contract in 2024, was clear that he didn’t think the legal suits will have an effect on his negotiations on a contract extension with the Cowboys. 

“Has nothing to do with it,” Prescott said.

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