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Morgan McKenzie

Radio has allowed Morgan McKenzie to serve as catalyst for positive change. As the co-host of “Straight Talk” she has used her platform to evoke thought and discourse on social, cultural, and political issues by making tough discussions involving the realities of society and everyday life relatable and enjoyable.

As a culturist, her ability to reach people where they are of any age, race, or creed makes her a friend and a trusted voice of the community.
She looks forward to becoming a part of the Oklahoma City community to share her passion of radio and to make a positive impact on the listeners of KVSP Power 103. 5 F.M. Morgan McKenzie is a captivating young woman who has found her voice, and has not stopped talking ever since. Her goal is to remain progressive in offering perspective, disclosing transparency, and uplifting the community through the influence of her voice, for speaking solely from the heart is her superpower.

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