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Zebec protocol enters a partnership with Crossmint, offering an easy way to buy NFTs

Written by on September 22, 2022

Zebec Protocol, a continuous Settlement Protocol that aims to transform payroll, cash flow, and token vesting, recently announced an official partnership with a company known as Crossmint. According to Zebec’s own words, Crossmint is the easiest platform to purchase Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which will, naturally, grant Zebec’s community with easy access to some of the most popular NFT collections and collectibles out there.

Meanwhile, Zebec will provide Crossmint with its newly announced Zebec Debit Card, so both companies have a lot riding on this partnership.

Zebec and Crossmint team up

Zebec Protocol is one of the projects running on Solana’s network, which is easily one of the fastest — if not the fastest — blockchains in the industry. Therefore, Zebec’s Debit Card is actually Solana Debit Card, and by integrating it onto Crossmint, users from all corners of the world will be able to purchase NFTs with their Debit Card alone.

For the moment, Zebec has not yet launched the Debit Card, but it is accepting pre-launch sign-ups. Anyone wishing to join the waitlist can do it by clicking here.

As mentioned, Zebec is a continuous settlement protocol, and it enables the composable transfer of value, starting with its own service named Zebec Payroll. The project is a revolutionary piece of DeFi tech that enables frictionless, continuous streams of payments that are taking place in real time, so there are no lengthy waiting periods. And, thanks to Solana’s unmatched scalability, there are also no major fees that come on older, PoW-based blockchains where users have to compete in order to have their transactions processed first.

Crossmint is well aware of the benefits of using Zebec payment systems, and it commented that this partnership would benefit both sides, where each can make use of the services provided by the other firm. On top of that, it will be possible to unlock entirely new avenues to onboard new people and introduce them to the benefits of the upcoming Web3, give new tools to creators and developers, which will help them push their projects forward, and more.

How will the users benefit from this partnership?

Zebec’s debit card users will be able to buy NFTs via Crossmint, while Crossmint users will get the ability to make purchases easily by obtaining the debit card, so it all works out best for both firms and their community, which will likely merge into one big family over time.

Zebec concluded its announcement by saying that it is extremely grateful to Crossmint and its team for choosing its service to establish the partnership with, and it is proud to say that its features are what made it stand out from other similar projects. The ability to stream payments leads to a number of other benefits, such as enabling liquidity for sender and receiver alike, eliminating payment disputes, increasing token productivity, creating a trustless future of Payroll, and even encouraging investments, yield-farming, and automated Dollar Cost Averaging.

To learn more about Polkadot, visit our Investing in Zebec Protocol guide.

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