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Wendy Williams doesn’t hold ANYTHING back in her interview with @The Morning Hustle as she opens up about her new biopic, how her drug addiction started, and what really went down with her brother at their mother’s funeral. The movie executive produced by Wendy Williams shares all of her dirt from over the years and […]

All these troubling teen headlines Lore’l’s been seeing says it’s time to do more than just pray for our youth, and it’s really time we help them out. See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle #WhosCappin source

Wendy Williams: The Movie is premiering soon and Ciera Payton is giving all of the behind the scene tea.  The Lifetime biopic is Payton’s first leading role and she shares with @The Morning Hustle everything from the moment she knew she would play the media mogul, what shocked her most about Wendy, and more! The movie […]

After her historic Verzuz battle with Keyshia Cole, @ashanti joined us on @The Morning Hustle to discuss all the viral moments from her battle with Keyshia Cole, from the music, the subtle jabs, what she was doing on her phone, and if they really unfollowed each other on social media! We also dive into new […]

Last time Lore’l checked, there were 3 members in Salt-N-Pepa! After the premiere of their highly anticipated biopic, former member Spinderella had a few choice words for the duo after she was omitted from the film reflecting the group’s iconic history. While Spinderella was vocal about her displeasure, neither Salt nor Pepa has responded to […]

Dr. Ian Smith joins @The Morning Hustle for all the latest coronavirus updates, including the variants and what that could mean for vaccine distribution. See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle source

Singer DaniLeigh appears to be digging herself a deeper hole with another apology stemming from the “Yellow Bone” controversy. Lore’l fills you in on that plus we finally get the first look at the next ADIDAS x Ivy Park collection from Beyoncé! Catch up with all the tea & entertainment news you missed this weekend […]

The Salt-N-Pepa biopic airs Saturday, January 23 at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT, with the special running across three hours. Actress G.G. Townson joined us on @The Morning Hustle to discuss what it took to get into character as Salt, how Cheryl embraced her wholeheartedly, and she lets us know if she got […]

@Headkrack has the details behind why Rick Ross probably woke up this weekend to see his name trending for all the wrong reasons and @The Morning Hustle breaks down the Lifetime biopic ‘Salt-N-Pepa’ which aired this weekend. If you watched, drop your thoughts on it in the comment section below! See more exclusives at * […]

Fat Joe joined us on @The Morning Hustle to discuss his new single, working with Rihanna, being shocked she was a fan when they first met, and who is that one interview he’s trying to secure for his new show ‘Joeprah’. See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle […]